What does courtesy mean?

What does courtesy mean? It means to be excellent in your social conduct and mannerisms. 

Noun: -overcourtesy

Sentence Examples: –

  •         It is common courtesy for the people in India to touch the feet of their elders.
  •         There is absolutely no sense of courtesy amongst the youngsters of today; they have forgotten all the values that would have otherwise served them a lot of purpose.
  •         It comes to common knowledge and courtesy that is going to enable a person to get out of a sticky situation; it is not always handled by a smart person, but rather a person that is comfortable in his own skin.
  •         Whenever there is a song being played on the radio, it is common courtesy for you to listen to it rather than keep singing when you have a lot of people along with you on the ride.

·         Whenever you receive some sort of gift, be it for your birthday or your wedding anniversary, it is common courtesy to thank that person and extend greetings to him or her.  http://sentencehouse.com/courtesy/