Lineman’s Football Gloves

The big men who work in the trenches don’t make fingertip catches. Some guys go years without ever touching the ball at all. The football gloves that are made for linemen serve a completely different purpose that the gloves that we usually review.

lineman football gloves

Lineman football gloves

But you will almost never see a big guy who is battling at the line with bare hands. The number one reason they are wearing these gloves is for protection. A lineman’s glove has to be able to protect their hands from getting crushed or their skin from being torn.

It would be very hard to create a glove that made it possible for someone’s hand to survive a direct blow between two helmets. If that happens, there will be broken bones. That is just one of the inherent dangers of playing football. Pay attention to the old football players who are covering your favorite team on Saturday or Sunday and notice the mangled hands holding those microphones. Their fingers point in unnatural directions and their knuckles are swollen and huge. No wonder they make Super Bowl rings so big. They have to fit over the busted digits of these warriors.

It goes without saying that anyone playing tackle football today should get a good pair of gloves if they are on the line. It just makes sense.

Gloves made for lineman will feature a padded cover for the back of the hand for protection. Check our buying guide on best indoor soccer shoes.

And even though their primary purpose isn’t handling the ball, most gloves still have a tacky palm and fingers.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  Even though it is a penalty to hold, most players are grabbing each other constantly.  If you are on the defense and you reach out and only get a few fingers on a running back you don’t want that small piece of jersey to slip through your fingers.  Even if you can’t grab on you might stick just enough to make the player with the ball think about making a move which might lead them to drop the ball. Then you want a good grip if that rare opportunity comes up for you to scoop up the ball and make a break for the end zone.