Improve your car performance using the Actron CP9575L obdii scanner

Actron CP9575LOne of the problems that most commonly plagues motorists and car enthusiasts nowadays, is the dreaded “check engine” warning light, which can be found on all modern cars!

The reason for that, is the fact that it can come on due to a very wide range of problems and reasons, which range from simple ones that one can easily fix by himself, to very serious ones that need to be immediately fixed by a mechanic, in order to avoid a catastrophic engine failure, or something like that.

The problem is that regardless on how well versed in the inner working of cars you may be, you’ll dtill have to visit a professional car mechanic if you want to find out exactly why the “check engine” light got turned on!

Well, I have some very good news for you! Because of  significant advances in technology, you will no longer have to take a trip to the mechanic every time that light comes on! You see all he will do in order to get a diagnosis on your car, is connect a device called car scanner to a special port on its CPU!

That’s because all car models built from 1996 onwards, and even some older ones, come equipped with a special system called OBD2! Using this system, their CPU creates ans stores in its memory special codes every time one of the car’s components malfunctions, in order to facilitate a quick and easy diagnosis!

Up until recently, auto scanners were exclusively available to professional car mechanics, but now they have become so affordable and easy to use, that pretty much anyone can own and use one! In this review, we’ll take a look at the Actron CP9575L Auto Scanner, one of the most popular and best car code reader devices on the market


Actron CP9575LThe brand new Actron CP9575l is state of the art car diagnostic tool that is fully compatible with all car models built from 1996 onwards! This is because all those cars are required by law to feature the OBD-II diagnostic system and protocol.

The Actron CP9575L is more than a simple OBDII code reader though! It is essentially a very affordable, professional grade car diagnostic tool that is currently being used in countless professional car repair shops all over the country, but it’s so easy to use that it can be owned and operated by practically anyone!

This amazing obdii scanner is also fully compatible with cars using the CAN diagnostic which means that you will be able to perform a very thorough scan to every diagnostic system and subsystem found in your car, in order to get the most complete and clear image of your car’s condition possible!

And what’s really awesome is just how simple this process is! All you’ll have to do is plug the CP9575L Actron in the special port  found on your car’s CPU, which is usually located right under the dashboard!

Also, it is so compact and lightweight that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand, allowing you to easily carry it with you everywhere you go!

Finally, because it’s powered through its connection to the car, you will never have to buy any batteries for it!


  • The amazing Actron CP9575L car diagnostic scanner can very quickly and easily display live engine data on its very large and easy to read screen! It will also provide you with on screen definitions for  ODB-II codes, as well as generic and manufacturer specific ones!
  • Once you have found out what the reason behind your “check engine” light coming on was, you can use the Actron CP9575L OBD2 code reader to turn it off!
  • The CP9575L Actron Trilingual Car Diagnostic Reader can also provide you with the ability to freeze frame data, in order to determine what the exact conditions where at the very moment that the “check engine” light was activated!
  • You can also use the Actron CP9575L to perform your own emissions status tests, in order to make sure that your car meets the standards imposed by each state and that it will past the state emissions tests!
  • It also features an ODB-II Drive Cycle Mode, which will help you to easily keep track of all the fixes in your vehicle.
  • You can easily update its definitions database and operating system via the web, by using its USB port!
  • All the menus and documentation of the Actron CP9575L are available in three different languages!



  1. Really easy to use!
  2. It can retrieve all OBDII software codes!
  3. It’s compatible with the CAN protocols!
  4. You can use it to get data on your emissions!
  5. It has a Freeze Frame Data function, allowing you to pinpoint the cause of each problem easily!
  6. It can be easily updated via the net!
  7. All menus and documentation come in three languages!


  1. The chord may be a bit short for use with some models.
  2. The keys are a bit hard to press and not too “springy”.