10 Ways to Act Like an Owner

Regardless of your level in the company, you are an owner.  The company does not thrive or fail at the hands of the leadership team alone.  It takes the effort of every owner in the company to move it forward.  While the progress may seem minimal from your viewpoint, you are an essential part of what will make the company great.

Everyday when you enter your workplace, act like an owner.  Here are 10 quick things you can do to start acting like an owner today!

  1. Pay attention to the details of the day to day operations of your department.
  2. Have an insatiable thirst for a better way.
  3. Ask why.  Employees know how, but owners know why.
  4. Don’t just arrive on time, come in early. This is the only way to properly prepare for the day ahead.
  5. Be passionate about the level of excellence you provide to your customers; both internal and external.
  6. Know your business. What is happening in the market?  What sets your company apart from other companies?
  7. Treat all people with respect. Especially the cleaning and maintenance people.  They have a hard job!
  8. Take pride in your workspace. Keep it neat.
  9. Review company goals and objectives and make sure that every action you take is getting the company closer to exceeding the goal.
  10. Most importantly, STOP COMPLAINING! If you don’t like the way things are going, be part of the solution.