No Snot on the Jacket

This past Saturday I decided to take a few precious moments with both of my favorite girls; my best friend Key and my daughter Lauryn.  We decided to use our time together enjoying our favorite past time, SHOPPING!!!Image result for No Snot on the Jacket

This feisty trio charged the doors of the local Marshalls in search of some hot clothing for spring break in Florida.  Ten paces into the store and my eyes met the most fabulous jacket I have ever seen!  She was pink with exquisite detailed black buttons.  I heard her whisper, “You know you want me!” I gently caressed her strong yet soft fabric leaned in and said, “I do want you, I really, really want you!”  The entire store stopped as I took her off the hanger and slowly slid my arms in her sleeves. I twirled around and squealed with delight in the mirror. She fit!  We were meant to be!  I rushed to the register elated with my purchase.


Monday morning I decided to wear my new friend to the office as I activated Powermommy Mode!  Nothing like a new jacket with detailed tailoring to encourage me to make power moves and decisions.  At the end of my day I packed my laptop, put on my sunglasses and headed home.


The hubby and five of the children were prepping to make the long, snack eating, rest stop ridden drive from Philly to Florida.  I fixed dinner and packed the youngest children’s bags. I was looking forward to a little peace and quiet.  I visualized evenings filled with eating ice cream out of the container watching Bravo or Lifetime. I smiled.


Like sharp nails on a chalkboard my fantasy was interrupted with a ear curdling scream from the kid filled SUV in front of my house.


After fitting four of the five kids, their luggage, laptops, smart phones and equally smart mouths in the car, my youngest made his attempt to join.  His laptop fell out of the car onto his toe.  Boy was he screaming.
 I called from the door, “Come here baby!”  I was thinking, “Please don’t be broken! PLEASE!!!” Broken would mean a trip to the hospital and either a delayed departure for the hubby and the gang or the little on being left behind. He limped whimpering with each step. I examined the toe. “Wiggle it.” I said. And he did. Since I work in the medical field I felt qualified to determine that it wasn’t broken.
 I pulled my son close rubbed his head as he sobbed into my chest. I calmed him down and asked the dreadful question, “Do you want to stay behind while daddy leaves?” Thankfully he says, “No.”  Praise the Lord. I look down lovingly at my baby boy. Oh shoot! I forgot I still had on my pink jacket. I effortlessly maneuvered the mommy separation and encouraged him to go back to the car.  I looked down at my jacket and asked my husband, “Did he get snot on my jacket?” Hey as a Powermommy, I have to look good and snot is not a good look!