Need a Vacation from the Family?

Image result for Need a Vacation from the Family?When I think of vacation I think of white sand and blue water or mountains that reach the heavens with beautiful streams running between them.  I dream of a time when I can sit quietly and not thinking of my taking  role as an executive or my equally tiring role as a Powermommy.

My mind is free from budgets and book bags, conference calls and calls for dinner and most importantly carrying the load of other people.  Vacation to me means there is no laundry or lists of things to do!  It is a time when I can do what I want to do and be refreshed like I want to be refreshed. I sit here in my room listening to the melody of birds chirping outside of my room.

The only other sound is that of my heart beating at a rhythmic pace indicating that I am at peace.  I don’t really have any place to go or anyone to meet with today. I am on vacation. The only weird thing is that I am in my town, in my house and in my bedroom. Later tonight I will board a plane destined to meet my husband and five children in Florida.

The moment that plane touches down, my vacation will end and I will assume my role as Powermommy. The birds chirping will be replaced with, “Mom can you take me here, there and everywhere?”  The silence will be broken with the thunder of sibling rivalry and reenactments of John Cena vs. The Rock. The rhythmic pace of my heart will be replaced with a heart that is confused because the pace is as unpredictable as turbulence at 30,000 feet.

“What is for dinner love? What should we do next mom? I don’t like this. Why do we have to…? Tell him/her to stop? Can you take me to the pool? This vacation sucks. What else is there to do? I hate Universal Studios. This place only has 3 pools.”

Ahh, the sounds of vacation with the family. The excitiment is just too much for me!  So much that I have debated delaying my departure for an additional day so that I can enjoy some “me” time. smile. Selfishly I have prayed for a system wide delay in air travel, but to no avail. So as members of the Powermommy Nation acrosss the globe do, I will put on my big girl panties and walk this “vacation” out!  Here are a few steps to help Powermommy’s enjoy family vacation:

  1. Find the quiet time and OWN it! Rise early and take in a massage or walk on the beach.
  2. Choose kid friendly resorts where you can drop off the kids into a program while you search aimlessly for your sanity.
  3. Be a kid again! Jump on the beds, splash in the water, eat the flippin pizza, have some ice cream and LIVE A LITTLE!
  4. Screw the office! No blackberry or laptop allowed! You are now employed by your family. If those other yahoo’s can’t get by without you for a few days, might be time to find a new team.
  5. Create memories by laughing outloud and not caring what other people think about you and your family!
  6. Be where you are. Don’t think of everything you need to do when you get back.
  7. Plan an adult only getaway. Then you can have a selfish vacation and it gives you something to look forward to. (Hubby and I are headed to the Hampton’s in September)

Did I mention that I will be driving (yes you read correct, driving!!!) back to PA with them? Yep, should make for plenty of blog content. Now it is time to pack my flip flops, maxi dresses, three books I won’t read, my notebook to capture thoughts for my upcoming book and expectation for a good time. Yay!