Ducks Gone Wild

An alarm clock starts my day and doing a load of laundry usually ends it. That little space in between is filled with being a mother of 13, wife of a Pastor, full time student, executive for a medical device company, CEO of Powermommy Nation and aspiring author. My time is more precious than diamonds and just as I wouldn’t throw a diamond away, I don’t throw my seconds, minutes or hours away.

In what the world calls “free time” I am on a passionate pursuit of tools that will make my life easier! Lord knows I need as much help as I can get! My most recent pursuit resulted in a jewel of a find! is a site that will absolutely change your life. (Okay maybe not, but it will come close!) Many of my clients complain that they struggle keeping it all together; the soccer games, the recitals, swim lessons, doctors appointments and chores. If you have ever broken out in a sweat sitting at your desk because you thought you may have missed an appointment, then this app is for you!
Cozi has flawlessly blended a color coded calendar, task list and shopping list into one magical app and website. You customize it and you can sync other calendars to it. Amazing huh? But the magic doesn’t stop there, you can journal about your family, add photos and send alerts right from the webpage!

The feature that our family enjoys the most is the ability to send reminders as texts to our cell phones. We entered chore assignments and the dinner menu right on the Cozi calendar. All of my children get a text and email to remind them to do their chores and I have eliminated the “What’s for dinner?” question from my families’ vocabulary. Every Sunday I take 15 minutes to update the calendar and the rest of the week runs smoothly! Even my husband has been organized and we all know how hard that can be. (Now if I can just get him to ask for directions!)


With all this functionality, this Powermommy would be ecstatic! However, functionality would not be a true game changer with a calendar tool. What sets the Cozi calendar app and site apart is that it also links to massive amounts of information organized in a usable and savvy manner. Want to know what to do with the kids this summer?