Cute and Comfortable Holiday Shopping

The Holiday shopping season is upon us.  The key to making shopping as tolerable as possible is being comfortable and cute.  Comfort allows for you to spend as much time as you wish shopping. Being cute makes you feel good while you shop.

Key Pieces:

1.  Over-sized Sweater:  Keeps you warm and allows you to breath easy. Depending on the weather you may be able to forego a coat.

2.  Leggings: Ease of movement.  Leggings are breathable and stretchy. That alone makes them a go to piece for shopping wear.

3.   Riding Boots:  Comfortable footwear for long periods of walking.  Nothing says I am ready to shop like riding boots.

4.  Large Handbag: Store snacks, lip balm, hand sanitizer, aspirin and much more.  You can also put smaller gifts in here as you continue to shop.