3 Steps to Survive Summer Chore Syndrome

Hello summer! Boy have I missed you! Welcome back flip flops, maxi-dresses and dips in the pool!   What is un welcomed is the break in the systems I use to keep my house running smoothly.  If your family is anything like my family, these next few weeks will be spent adjusting to the “freedom” that summer brings.

One of the things that may be hard to manage between all the freedoms is the ability to keep the chores of the house in order.  Let’s face it, kids hate chores and hate them even more in the summer.  Never fear!  Managing the chores in your house can be as easy as 1-2-3!


  1.  Develop a revised chore chart (or start a chore chart) to distribute chores appropriately by age and equally.  Make community areas everyone’s responsibility since those areas will probably be the hardest to keep clean.
  2. Attach a reward system to the chore chart.  Most parents may opt for monetary rewards because they are quick and easy.  You can also extend extra time for activities as a reward.  For example, ½ hour earned at the pool for every day the chores are properly done.  Or you can use a cumulative reward system.  If chores are done every day of the week, the family will go to the beach.
  3. Have fun and be flexible with it!  Kids hate chores because we nag about them.  With this system simply remind the child about what they are missing out on if their chores are not done.  Add in surprises like making Sundaes or movie night when the kids have been consistent.  In the spirit of fun, make sure you verbally acknowledge the completion of the chores.  Let the kids know that you appreciate them keeping the house clean.

**If you know that your child is overscheduled on a particular day, adjust the chart and assign the chore to someone else for the week.

Summer does not have to be the end of your tidy house.  Implement these easy steps and enjoy the freedoms of summer.